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Factor 1: One of the key factors to consider on your website is what your clients want. A good thing to note is that the website belongs to the client and not particularly to the business owner.

Factor 2: As you linchping on the customer’s problem rather than your solution, you gain insights that allow you to start marketing where the customer is. The goal is not to lead with your solution, but to lead them to your solution.

Factor 3: People hire products and solutions to fulfill 3 job types:

– Physical Jobs (the task at hand)

– Emotional Jobs (the desired feeling)

– Social Jobs (how they’ll be viewed by others)

Factor 4: Eminent marketers understand that most purchases are emotional, and impacted greatly by the emotional and social impacts of the decision, this is why it has to be an experience to create value. The effect after purchase of goods or service is what will make the client come back or refer someone to your business.

Factor 5: It is important to understand your client’s Needs and problems then enable them to find a solution, thats a reason to buy from you or get a service. Create value in your clients Problems/Issue/Need. Document problems that would cause a customer to want to buy or hire your services. If a customer searched for a solution to the problem what would they likely type into Google.


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