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3 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Website Vs Using A Third Party Service.

One of the questions, when getting your business online is: Do I even need my own website?

3 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Website
3 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Website

Flexibility and control. You have full control and flexibility in the way you want to present and operate your selling business. No one can impose rules on how you design your website and can fully be customized to your desires.On the other end of Third Party you have Limited ways of presenting and branding.You are limited to their own styling of the website and under their rules/restrictions when uploading your products

Brand. If you are looking to be in the business long term, having your own website may be a better representation of your brand. You are able to build your brand and the culture of your business by making the customer experience more personal or unique compared to other brands. On Third Party Platforms you have No control or reliability.You don’t have any control over your business and if the third party seller decided to stop selling your items, you have no choice but to be removed.

Avoid Fees. You take advantage of avoiding any transactional or monthly fees that a third party seller would typically take whenever you make a sale. You also have the freedom to choose your own merchant provider for taking payments like credit cards as opposed to third party where You will need to pay transactional or monthly fees to keep your products on the third party website.

As Obesign Web Solutions, will shall develop a custom online system, designed to keep your business updated and relevant on the online platform with increased sales. Feel free to contact us.

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